[Result report] April 27th “All Japan Electric Vehicle GP”

We bring you a report on the “All Japan Electric Vehicle GP”, which we participated in for the first time as “HIGH SPEED Étoile Racing”.

As it was the team’s first participation, even though we were nervous,the race progressed under the watchful eye of team staff. First of all, we completed the race safely, even though were times when you could feel the momentum and get a feel for it!

Event details/results

All Japan Electric Vehicle GP Round 2 <Weather: Cloudy | Course: Dry>

RoundDateCourseDriverQualifyFinalBest Time
Rd.24/27 (Sat)Tsukuba CircuitKotomi Maeda12th9th1’09.409
Machine: Tesla “Model S Plaid”

Director’s comment

First of all, I’m glad that we were able to finish the opening match without any major problems. Although we don’t have much data on the team yet, the drivers also ran well. After the opening race, both as a team and as a driver, we want to prepare well for the next race, where we have clearly identified issues.

Drivers comment (Kotomi Maeda)

My goal was to finish the race and have fun, so I was glad that I was able to finish safely. At the start, I decided to go, “Let’s go!” and I passed 3 cars in the beginning, so I had a lot of fun and had a great time running. Although I am still not used to the car, I will work with the general manager and the team to make adjustments to the machine based on what I learned from this experience, and I will do my best to run a little closer next time! I hope you will continue to watch over me warmly. Please support the team as well as the anime.