Prepared to sprint 365 days a year

前田 琴未

Kotomi MAEDA

BirthdayApril 10th
BirthplaceKoto-ku, Tokyo

After getting her driver’s license, she made her debut in karting at the age of 21. It was her first time participating in an endurance race, and her car was damaged, resulting in a disappointing result. Determined to fight, she continues to ride circuits once a week in a cart or four-wheeled vehicle while also working at an automobile dealership. With her competitive spirit, desire to improve, and innate tenacity, she acquires speed and is sure to draw victory.

Toward the highest peak with the best machine and team

清水 愛


BirthdayJune 3rd
BirthplaceKoto-ku, Tokyo

Former sprinter in track and field. After getting her driver’s license, she got a job as a truck driver, and her passion for cars and desire to improve her driving techniques are second to none. Her hobby is driving her 86 around the circuit. She aims to be a racer who is not limited by her gender, a racer who does not forget to be grateful to those around her and strives for victory as a team.


HIGH SPEED Étoile Racing General Manager

川合 孝汰


BirthdayAugust 7th
BirthplaceShizuoka Prefecture

2013 Attended the Formula Toyota Racing School (FTRS) 2015 While attending university, he made his four-wheel debut in the Super FJ Motegi series. He won four out of six matches and became champion. He has been participating in his FIA-F4 Championship since 2016 and won his first victory in the first race of the final competition. In 2019 he finished on the podium 4 times making him 3rd in the series. In 2020, he competed in the GT300 class for the first time in his SUPER GT from Saitama Toyopet Green Brave. This year, he teamed up with Hiroki Yoshida and, despite being a rookie, he won two races. In 2023, his fourth year, he won the series championship with the GR Supra.

  • 2023 Super GT GT300 class GR supra GT Series champion
  • 2023 Super Taikyu ST-Z Class GR supra GT4 Series Champion
  • 2022 Super Formula Lights Debut Race PP
  • 2022年 YARIS-CUP (driver in charge Kazuya Omoriwins series championship
  • 2020 super gt GT300 2020 debut race win
  • 2020 Super Taikyu ST-3 class 24h debut race win
  • 2020 86/BRZ RACE professional class debut win