PFC Japan

Brake pad manufacturer that handles many high-performance and highly durable products that have a proven track record in the racing scene. We also use it for our team’s VITA.

Sakata Designers

Car wrapping shop that not only wraps the team’s VITA and Tesla, but also has a proven track record at numerous custom events.


While exchanging advanced information with overseas countries, they not only use cutting-edge technologies related to geospatial information, but also carry out activities such as their effective introduction, practical operation and maintenance, and information dissemination, and promote and develop their use. A company whose purpose is to improve the social living environment in the IT era.

Fukuyama parade

The products are made with edible roses that are grown without using pesticides or organic fertilizers during the cultivation period, and all products are characterized by not using fragrances, coloring agents, or preservatives.

EMP Shield tech lab.Inc

Company that is evolving day by day, thinking about “how to protect data” every day, researching the “server protection” that will inevitably be required in the future, and working on countermeasures.

Kitahiroshima Digital Rural Development Organization

Regional revitalization, inbound revitalization, smart agriculture. An incorporated association that aims to revitalize regions by fusing satoyama and digital.

T2 Rasig

A pro shop that develops original parts, races, and tunes mainly for the NSR250R [MC18 MC21 MC28].

Tokyo beauty care clinic

A clinic specializing in aesthetic medicine located in Omotesando, Tokyo. Also have a beauty and gynecology department, providing total support for everyone who desires beauty and health.

Hamada clinic

Japan’s oldest obstetrics and gynecology hospital located in Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo. Offers obstetrics, gynecology, infertility, and pediatrics, as well as complete medical checkups and health checkups.