“HIGHSPEED Étoile Racing” launched!!

Platinum Factory`s goal to support and develop female racing car drivers
Launching racing team of women drivers “HIGHSPEED Étoile Racing”
Collaboration with anime “HIGHSPEED Étoile” is seriously aiming for the world

Platinum Factory Co., Ltd.* is pleased to announce that it has launched a female drivers racing team “HIGHSPEED Étoile Racing”. “HIGHSPEED Étoile Racing” is a collaboration with the anime “HIGHSPEED Étoile” which will start airing from April 5th (Friday), which goal is to become a team that seriously aims for the world even in real life, by bringing racing closer to you.
*Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Ryutaro Nakagawa

There are still few opportunities for women in motosport among sports. Responding to the desire for a challenge that transcends gender boundaries such as “I want to perform in bigger fields” ,”There are no opportunities for success in the field you want to challenge”, we have formed a racing team to support this women.

Racing machine/ participating race

The team’s racing cars are VITA-1 and Tesla Model S Plaid. Vehicle design was made with characters from HIGHSPEED Étoile: Rindo Rin and Asakawa Kanata. In the 2024 season, we plan to participate in the JAF official races KYOJO-CUP, FCR (Fuji Champion Race), and the EV-only race EV-GP. The team’s first race will be the EV race “All Japan Electric Vehicle GP” to be held at Tsukuba Circuit on Saturday, April 27th. Please look forward to it.

Female drivers only professional race series KYOJO-CUP

 2024/5/12 (Sun) Participation from Fuji Speedway

New drivers gateway Fuji Champion Race Series

 2024/5/11 (Sat) Participation from Fuji Speedway

Eco-friendly EV race All Japan Electric Vehicle GP

 2024/4/27 (Sat) Participation from Tsukuba Circuit

Team title:
HIGHSPEED Étoile Racing

HIGHSPEED Étoile Racing General Manager Kota Kawaai

We go all out to win! By continuous winning we will raise the level of “value”

1994 Born in Shizuoka Prefecture 2013 Attended the Formula Toyota Racing School (FTRS) 2015 While attending university, he made his four-wheel debut in the Super FJ Motegi series. He won four out of six matches and became champion. He has been participating in his FIA-F4 Championship since 2016 and won his first victory in the first race of the final competition. In 2019 he finished on the podium 4 times making him 3rd in the series. In 2020, he competed in the GT300 class for the first time in his SUPER GT from Saitama Toyopet Green Brave. This year, he teamed up with Hiroki Yoshida and, despite being a rookie, he won two races. In 2023, his fourth year, he won the series championship with the GR Supra.

<Goal for this term>

I am Kawai Kota, appointed as team manager. I am very happy and honored to be able to be involved as a manager in starting up the team and developing its drivers. In our team, we will challenge 3 categories: VITA, KYOJO, and EV. The team’s goal this season is to get one win. We are a team that has just started up, its a drivers first participation in race, my first directing, so this system is new for us. I believe it is extremely difficult to achieve results in the world of motorsports. However, all members are passionate about racing. With strong feelings, I will work diligently to advance our activities one by one, receiving advice and cooperation from everyone. Additionally, I will provide solid support to each player from a driver’s perspective based on my own experience, and as a coach, I would like to lead the team to achieve results. I would appreciate it if we can learn from seniors, other teams, and everyone surrounding our team, and to receive guidance from them. Please keep an eye on our team and the success of our female drivers. Thank you for your support and encouragement.

HIGHSPEED Étoile Racing Drivers

Kotomi Maeda

After getting her driver’s license, she made her debut in karting at the age of 21. It was her first time participating in an endurance race, and her car was damaged, resulting in a disappointing result. Determined to fight, she continues to ride circuits once a week in a cart or four-wheeled vehicle while also working at an automobile dealership.

<Driver’s comment>

I started driving karts and circuits just because I love cars and racing. Starting with just passion to get better, I wanna use this opportunity to challenge myself to see if I can improve myself.I would like to express my gratitude to the coach and team who picked me up despite my lack of ability and track record, and to all the teachers who have been patient with me despite my poor memory, I will do my best. I will definitely be better and faster!

Ai Shimizu

Former sprinter in track and field. After getting her driver’s license, she got a job as a truck driver, and her passion for cars and desire to improve her driving techniques are second to none. Her hobby is driving her 86 around the circuit. She aims to be a racer who is not limited by her gender, a racer who does not forget to be grateful to those around her and strives for victory as a team.

<Driver’s comment>

While enjoying the circuit with my beloved 86, my lifelong wish to jump into the world of racing someday came true. It’s my first time doing so, so I’m still inexperienced in many areas, but with my competitive personality I aim for the top with my ambition to improve more than anyone else. I’m an anime geek, so I think this team is perfect for me! I want to work hard with Kotomi as a team and make the race more exciting. Please support us!


“HIGHSPEED Étoile” is a hyper-action racing anime set in near-future Japan that portrays the heated battles in the next-generation race “NEX Race'” with top speeds exceeding 500 km/h. Broadcasting will begin on Friday, April 5, 2024 at 25:53 on all 27 stations including TBS/MBS/BS-TBS “Anime-ism” slot.

Official site :https://highspeed-etoile.com/

Official X(former twitter):@HSE_Project_PR

Voice actor’s comment

Fuuka Izumi who plays the role of Rindo Rin

I’m really surprised that HIGHSPEED Étoile Racing has been launched! Rin has to become a strong driver just like everyone else…!! The machines and suits are high-speed, so they’re cool and cute, and I can see them actually running. I’m looking forward to seeing it! I’m already excited to go see it!!!

Let’s have fun together with “HIGHSPEED Étoile”!!

Yoko Hikasa who plays the role of Asakawa Kanata

Congratulations on the launch of HIGHSPEED Étoile Racing!! In the anime, Rin, Kanata, and others compete in races aiming for the top, so I’m very happy to see women taking on various challenges and increasing the number of opportunities for them to play an active role. I’m happy. In addition, the suits and machines with Rin and Kanata motifs come in pop colors of white, pink, and blue, so I can already picture them standing out and dashing to the finish line!I would love to see the actual race, and someday The feeling of wanting to ride it is growing more and more every day. I wish Shimizu-san, Maeda-san, and director Kawai-san all the best in their endeavors! Good luck!!!